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The initial promise of social media was better connection.  An unintended, and un-forseen side effect is that it’s allowed easier access to our inner barbarian.

When we allow our inner barbarian to run free online, and then discover that we can easily connect with thousands of others with that same inner barbarian we give strength to barbarians.

What happens when our inner barbarian connects in real-time, in the real world, with someone outside our designated social camp? Public volatility! Barbaric society!

We all have an inner barbarian, and we must guard against the tendency of making those who don’t think like us, or look like us the others as well as the despicable public actions that accompany such beliefs.

Make the world a better place

For you, and for me, and the entire human race…Michael Jackson


Unbiased Opinions On Social Media

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It’s difficult to render an unbiased opinion.

The Internet and social media have made it super easy for everyone to render their ‘unbiased opinions’ loudly and frequently.

Just because someone has an opinion, and a medium to deliver it does not mean that they’re right.

Opinions are easy to give, but rarely worth paying attention to….largely because they’re so easy to give.

But Rodney…there’s wisdom in a multitude of counselors.

That’s true…but counsel are opinions sought out.  Opinions are just given…even when someone does not want to hear them.

And yes…this is all my unbiased opinion…but if you’re not happy with my opinions, here on this blog, I promise to return double the money you paid for them.

Make Better Art

marketing make better art

In college I discovered that I’m a horrible singer.  Singing louder won’t help me, nor will singing more frequently.  The problem is with the art I produce.  You probably don’t find that bit of news earth shattering.  But it is the approach that many businesses are taking with social media and other forms of marketing.

If the art you’re making (your Tweets, blog post, video’s etc.) is horrible, then telling your story to more people, an attempt at singing louder, or posting content more frequently won’t help.  In fact it will likely make the situation worse.  The only thing to do is to make better art.

To 25 Brands Mentioned By Marketers on Twitter

Marketing 25 Most Mentioned on Twitter

Here’s a list of the top 25 main stream brands mentioned by marketers using the Twitter platform.

  1. Mashable
  2. YouTube
  3. Tech Crunch
  4. NY Times
  5. Twitter
  6. Buzz Feed
  7. Fast Company
  8. Forbes
  9. Harvar Biz
  10. Google
  11. WSJ
  12. Klot
  13. Hubspot
  14. Huffington Post
  15. Instagram
  16. Facebook
  17. Inc.
  18. Linkedin
  19. Starbucks
  20. Inc. (not my mistake they listed it twice)
  21. Marketing Profs
  22. American Air
  23. Ad Age
  24. Vine App
  25. Digiday

View the entire marketing report by Lead Tail.

Social Media Marketing Strategy vs Social Media Sites

social media marketing strategy

A common mistake many businesses make is that they confuse social media marketing sites with social media marketing strategy.

Examples Of Social Media Marketing Sites

YouTube, Viemo, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are social media sites.  Think of social media sites as platforms to launch your social media marketing strategy.  Your CMS or blog is also a social media platform – one that you control.

social media marketing strategy

Click To Tweet This QuoteKeep in mind that YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are social media brands and platforms, NOT strategies.  #Socialmedia

Social Media Marketing Strategy Example

Blendtec offers a great example of how to effectively deploy a social media marketing strategy using YouTube as a social media platform.

What They Did

The company used YouTube to create a viral marketing campaign consisting of a series of infomercials demonstrating the Blendtec line of blenders, especially the Total Blender.  In the videos the they blend everything from iPads to golf clubs. They effectively used a simple easy to remember three word tagline – Will It Blend? –  to promote the videos.

Social Media Marketing Tips

  1. There are lots of social media marketing sites.  You can’t do them all, don’t try.
  2. Narrow the focus of your social media interactions by asking and answering a question, like – Will It Blend?
  3. Inject some humor into your product of service.  Blenders are boring, but the Blendtec videos are funny and interesting.