May 25, 2021

How To Create a Personal Brand on YouTube

Wondering how to create a personal brand on YouTube? Building your personal brand on YouTube can be beneficial, because video content is one of the most reliable ways to build relationships, and communicate with your followers.

If you’re trying to figure out how to create your personal brand on YouTube, but you’re struggling to get started, this post is for you.

Here are four quick steps to get you started.

How To Create Create a Personal Brand on YouTube 3 Key Steps

#1 Define a Niche

One of the biggest mistakes new YouTubers make is trying to make is not defining a very specific market.

If you try to make videos for everyone you’ll end up not making them for anyone.  Seth Godin calls this type of niching down defining the smallest viable audience.

For example if you’re building your personal brand around food you could make content for;

  1. DIY cooks
  2. Professional cooks
  3. Grillers
  4. Baking
  5. Vegetarians
  6. Vegans, etc.

The idea is to not start broad but to start narrow and build your audience.  As you grow you can expand but start by identifying your smallest viable audience.

#2 Choose Relevant Keywords

After you define your niche the next step in building your brand on YouTube is to decide what keywords you want your channel, and each specific video to rank for.

Remember YouTube is a search engine (actually the second largest next to Google) and people go there and type specific queries into the search bar.  You want your videos to rank for those queries.

You’ll want to follow these 3 best practices to effectively build your YouTube brand.

  1. Do Quality Keyword Research
    1. One of the easiest ways to figure out popular keywords and keywords phrases is to just go to YouTube and to the Google search engine and begin typing the keyword or phrase you have in mind for your video.  Both search engines will begin to autofill the most popular searches.  Google will even give you a section at the bottom of the page for other popular related phrases.  Use these keywords and keyword phrases in your video.
  2. Use Keywords in Metdata
    1. Make sure you use your keywords in:
    2. Title (especially in the first 100 words)
    3. Tags
    4. Description
  3. High Quality Content
    1. The most important thing to remember is that you need to have high quality content to build your brand effectively on YouTube.  If you get the other stuff right and actually drive traffic to your YouTube videos and the content is bad you won’t grow your fan base.

#3 Promote Your YouTube Content

To grow your brand you have to promote your YouTube channel and content.  Two of the best ways is to promote it on your own website, and your social media channels.

When you link you embed your video in a blog post on your website you double the chances of it being played because it can be discovered in a Google search and a YouTube search.  Wonder if you should have a blog.  Well this is one of the best reasons to have one.

Promoting your brand on social media will give you additional outlets as well.  However, when posting your video on your social media channels be sure to link back to your YouTube video on YouTube instead of embedding the video.

For example;

If you embed the video on your Facebook page the video will play there on the Facebook page.  However if you link to it when a person plays the content they will be taken back to YouTube and the video will play there.

#4 Monetize Your YouTube Content

When most folks think of monetizing their YouTube channels and videos they think of YouTube ads.  While this is one way to earn money for your brand it’s not the only way.  It’s not even the most profitable.

The best and most profitable way to grow your brand, and make a living is to provide your own products and services and to promote them within your content.

I’ve been able to grow my own personal brand this way.  Many people pay me for coaching, and other marketing related services because they watch my YouTube videos and view my other social media post on Linkedin, and Facebook.

Try and think of products/services your audience needs to monetize your brand. There you have it how to create a personal brand on YouTube using 3 steps.


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May 25, 2021

How To Create a Personal Brand on YouTube

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