June 7, 2020

How To Become Like Water

How To Become Like Water

Water has many, many positive virtues. Bruce Lee famously said “be like water my friend” and the Tao and the Hebrew Christian text reference water over and over again.

So in todays video (scroll to bottom to watch the video) we’re gonna take a look at exactly what are some of the positive virtues of water and what can we do to emulate water so that we can manifest more of those positive virtues in our lives.

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So what are some specific virtues of water?

One of the first things that we can notice about water is that resides in the right place. It naturally seeks the lowest place. In fact water resides low by nature. It’s always on the ground it seeks the lowest point where ever flows it’s always flowing to the lowest point.  This could be seen as a metaphor for being humble, or humility. Truly humble people don’t seek status. They don’t seek to be elevated. They naturally seek low places in life. Jesus Christ said if you want to be great become a servant. The greatest among you shall be the least among you. So one of the ways we can emulate water is the seek out the low places in life.  Don’t seek status.

Another virtue of water is what we call a feeling of great death. I’m thinking about an iceberg  which by nature is another form of water. We know that the majority of the iceberg resides beneath the surface and when we emulate water that’s how people are. You may know people who are at first glance may seem shallow, but when you get to know them a bit, when you get close to them, when you become friends with them you realize it is so much more depth to their character.

Another virtue of water is it gives with great kindness. A river flows and feeds all the animals in its path equally without any type of prejudice. It gives to the zebra the same as it gives to the elephant the same as it gives to the lion the same as it gives the human.  Once it’s done giving it simply moves on. It doesn’t seek anything else, it seeks no gratitude for what it has provided. So it can be said  it gives with great kindness. So we should seek in our lives seek to be this way.  When you give do so not expecting anything in return.

Another virtue of water is it speaks with integrity. Water is like a mirror it gives a perfect reflection. So in emulating this character what we want to do is to speak the the truth in love, when we want to reflect our environments. I’m reminded right now of everything going on in the world regarding the death of George Floyd people conducting peaceful protest speaking with integrity.  They are reflecting, like water does, what’s going on in in in their society but they are speaking the truth with love.

Another character or virtue of water is that it governs with great administration. What that means is that it gives everyone equally.  It doesn’t discriminate in its giving. Earlier I talked about water giving to the lion the same as the elephant. The way we emulate this in our lives is that no matter who we come across no matter what a person’s background is We should engage with them all the same.

We engage With everyone equally. We give everyone our best. We give everyone our best self. Oprah Winfrey says that our personal Brand should be excellence. That means that every person we come across we’re looking to give the best of ourselves. The best of our thoughts the best of our opinions the best of our giving at that moment.

We all know about waters ability to change form. It could be liquid, it could be steam, it can be ice. Water can also change directions. It can change speed. And it does so effortlessly as needed. So when we are seeking to emulate water In our lives we need to be able to change with the times.

In today’s environment in the connected economy we could wake up tomorrow morning and there could be a new social media platform. In fact it’s highly likely that there might be.

I am reminded of Paul Orfalea the founder of Kinko’s in his autobiography called Copy This. I’ll link to it in the description area below.

He says that he credits much of Kinko’s early success on each individual stores ability to change based on what was going right or wrong in the other stores.

Things happen in life and there are times when you may need to change, to reinvent yourself.If you’re my age you’ve lived through  a recession, now Corona. To be successful in life you have to be able to chane. Sometimes you may Need to speed up, other times you may need to slow down, then there are times when you may need to just be still like water.

question of the day: is there a virtue of water that you seek to emulate either one that I mentioned or one that I have not?

Water also moves with great and tremendous timing. It has a heavenly sense of nature, it moves by season. Summer rain does not fall in the winter, and winter snow does not fall in the summer.

When nature is in balance water emulates that there is a time for everything.  And when we are in balance we emulate this virtue by knowing that there’s an appropriate time for us to take appropriate actions.

Emulating water can provide a blueprint to help guide us through the ends and outs the tricky parts of life.  following  these guidelines we learn to cultivate humility unconditional kindness universal administration. Flexibility and a sense of timing, and mindful awareness. All of these things bring us closer to one another and help us  to live in better harmony with the world and universe which we’ve placed.

Video: How To Be Like Water


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June 7, 2020

How To Become Like Water

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