Content Marketing Strategy – 10 Tips For Generating Awesome Content

Website Marketing Strategy

A solid Content Marketing Strategy  is the most critical element of website marketing. With a growing number of global consumers accessing the internet via traditional means as well as tablets and mobile devices the need for fresh digital content marketing is increasing in demand.  At the heart of content marketing is Content Marketing Strategystrategically delivering words, (post, video, podcast, etc), which motivate people to take some form of action.

Here is a list of tips to help get you producing  awesome content from my 10 part series. I discuss strategy on using email marketing content, content management, social media marketing, and more.  As I make the post I’m curating them here so check back each Tuesday for updates.

10 Content Marketing Strategy Tips

  1. Stay current with industry news
  2. How to avoid writer’s block
  3. Look beyond your industry for information
  4. Use evergreen content to drive trafic year after year
  5. Write an annual best of list
  6. Monitor social media conversations
  7. Write what you like
  8. Always take your video camera

Avoiding Writers Block: Possibly The Most Important Content Marketing Strategy Skill

Great!  As part of your overall marketing strategy you’ve made the decision to start blogging and now you’re wondering how to avoid writer’s block.  I think this may be what hinders many people the most from starting a blog.  Their afraid of not knowing what to write.  But most of us don’t wake up in the morning unable to talk, or with nothing at all on our minds.  Successful blogging is just about developing a ritual to get those thoughts onto paper or screen.

Get Ideas For Web Content From Industry News

Most folks are not creative enough to always have a fresh idea ready to transform into killer content.  Unless you happen to be Seth Godin you likely struggle with coming up with enough relevant, helpful, fun content to blog everyday.  While you may be an expert on the topics you cover deciding exactly how to approach each blog post, webinar, ebook, slideshare presentation, or any other type of online marketing content can be a daunting task.  Staying on top of industry news is a content marketing strategy that can help.

Social Media Marketing As A Content Strategy

One of the biggest benefits of social media is that it gives you a real-time feed of what your prospective customers are discussing.  Listen carefully and you’ll discover plenty of ideas for good content.  An added benefit of gathering ideas this way is that content that’s generated from social conversations tends to get shared.  Discover a how to use social media marketing as part of your overall all content strategy.