How To Improve Customer Service

Yesterday I made a call to company I do business with and got a message I’m sure you’ve heard.  The old “Your call is very important to us” message.

  • If my call is so important why not answer it in some reasonable timeframe?
  • If my call is so important then why not just answer it with a real person?
  • If my call is so important why am I listening to all this annoying advertising? 
    • If you’re going to keep me on hold play me some Old School Funk music please.  
  • If my call is so important why am I now hearing my estimated wait time is 10 minutes? 
    • My God…They’ve got a whole bunch of people who’s calls are very important to them all on hold.   How are they still in business?

How To Improve Customer Service – here’s one way… Answer the phone!

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Rodney Goldston

Rodney Goldston is the Owner of JugHead Media, a full service online marketing company. He is a Online Marketing Consultant with a wide background as a Sales & Marketing executive with Fortune 100 companies such has GMAC, Wells Fargo, & MetLife. Rodney holds several advance Google and HubSpot certifications. He helps his clients become successful online by using Inbound Marketing to attract visitors, convert visitors to leads, and turn leads into customers.