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I Want To Inspire You To Do The Things That Inspire You.

At my core I am a teacher.  I believe that you must “Pick Yourself” to become the change you wish to see in the world.  I use my voice, my energy, my platforms to empower, and encourage you to that end.

Marketing is my profession, working with youth is my passion

The one thing I enjoy most is working with children.  Jesus said “Let the children come to me, forbid them not, for such is The Kingdom of Heaven”.  You never know how a simple act of kindness, or what an encouraging word will do to inspire one of these little ones to tap into their greatness.

A Great Nation

A Great Nation

A great nation is a compassionate nation...Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A compassionate nation is comprised of compassionate people. Let's keep America great. Be compassionate!



I remember reading Bill Clinton's autobiography.  There's a section where he mentions JFK coming to visit his school and shaking his hand.  He says that moment profoundly influenced his direction into a life of public service. As I was walking through the back streets...

Too Much

In just a few days Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving.  Ironically, the holiday does little to reinforce either the position of thankfulness, nor a posture of giving. Instead it serves as the home stretch to wrap up a yearlong messaging of overconsumption – which...

2 Things U Can’t Afford

When it’s so wide you can’t get around it So low you can’t get under it So high you can’t get over it 2 things you can’t afford 2 do Wait 2 start Quit 1’nce started

I Write What I Like

The real test of relevance is if someone will miss you when you're gone.  Miss you when you stop showing up.  It's always surprises me when someone says to me you haven't made a post in a while.  What they're saying is that you haven't showed up and I miss that. When...

You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

This post is inspired by my sister-n-law who's theme for her 60th birthday is "Hello Beautiful".  Having recently attended her birthday party the video below caught my attention. I'm tipping my hat once again to Dove for it's branded content series.  In this one Dove...

Independence 2Day

Independence 2Day

As millions of Americans celebrate Independence Day 2day, most don’t actually have their independence. They’ve willingly given their independence up a little bit at a time to to a boss, an investor, creditors, or a credit card company. The industrial revolution...


Jillian Michael says that if you want to change your body then you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. That fact is that if you want to change anything at all then you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable.  You also need to be comfortable making others...