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I Want To Inspire You To Do The Things That Inspire You.

At my core I am a teacher.  I believe that you must “Pick Yourself” to become the change you wish to see in the world.  I use my voice, my energy, my platforms to empower, and encourage you to that end.

Marketing is my profession, working with youth is my passion

The one thing I enjoy most is working with children.  Jesus said “Let the children come to me, forbid them not, for such is The Kingdom of Heaven”.  You never know how a simple act of kindness, or what an encouraging word will do to inspire one of these little ones to tap into their greatness.

Who Do You Want Your Customers To Become

Pete Drucker wrote in his book The Practice of Management that the purpose of business is to create a customer.  That thought process has become the holy grail for marketing and communications. Today the best marketers go beyond just creating customers to helping...

Allies and Accomplices

Allies and Accomplices

If you have an ally you have someone who's on your side.  If you have an accomplice you've got someone who's got skin in the game with you, they risk as much or more as you do. I recently went to see the movie Harriet.  The very obvious thing is that Harriet Tubman...

Resources vs Resourcefulness

57% of billionaires are selfmade. Most of us have a perceived lack of the resources we need to move our project along. You can focus on your lack of resources, or being resourceful. Just realize you can choose.

Kintsugi If You’re Broken

Kintsugi If You’re Broken

Many people focus on being unbreakable but the reality is that nobody is unbreakable. The nature of life is that it will break each of us somewhere somehow. You may lose a job, clients, a loved one, your life savings, go through a divorce, something somewhere along...

3 Things Your Marketing Strategy Must Do

3 Things Your Marketing Strategy Must Do

There are 3 things that our marketing must accomplish. They are grow awareness, build trust, and lead to action or connection. Many people miss the first two and go straight to trying to get a prospect to take action (buy something, fill out a form, etc). Starbucks...

Steve Jobs Speech on Marketing Strategy

Steve Jobs Speech on Marketing Strategy

Quite possibly the best talk ever given on marketing strategy.  Steve Jobs talks about why Nike might be the best marketing company ever, and that thoughts behind Apples famous Crazy Ones ad campaign.

Gain Permission First

Just about every day I get a flood of junk mail in my box.  You probably do too.  I don't know anyone who just can't wait to get home to see what's arrived.  That's because we didn't give the folks sending it permission to send it to us.  It's an interruption. Now we...

Leaders Lead They Don’t Talk So Much

Almost anyone can diagnose a problem.  And, in todays world of blogs and social media everyone has a megaphone to rant and rift about it. But problems don't need attention called to them as much as they need solutions, and leaders to lead us to a better way. In 1930...