We’re creatures of habit, approaching problems through the same lens time and time again. But what if our trusted lens is limiting our ability to see the bigger picture? What if there’s a world of untapped solutions waiting just beyond our comfort zone?

There’s power in developing your ability to view situations through different lenses. We all have our preferred ways of tackling challenges. The economist’s lens sees a solution rooted in numbers, while the artist’s lens sees a creative spark waiting to ignite. But what happens when we break free from our default mode?

Naming your lens is the first step toward expanding your perspective. It’s about recognizing your instinctive approach and knowing when it serves you well—and when it’s time to invite a new lens to the table.

Imagine the possibilities when we actively seek out other lenses. The marketer can learn from the environmentalist, the engineer can glean insights from the psychologist. It’s in these unlikely connections that innovation thrives.

So, my challenge to you is this: Name your lens, but don’t stop there. Seek out the other lenses in the room, the ones that feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar. Embrace the power of diverse perspectives and watch as your problem-solving prowess reaches new heights.

Remember, the lens you’re used to may be comfortable, but it’s not the only one. Open your eyes, open your mind, and discover the extraordinary solutions that lie just beyond your habitual view.