Content Marketing Strategy Tip # 8 – Always Take Your Video Camera

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Tip number 8 in my content marketing strategy series is to take your video camera everywhere.  Creating video content doesn’t have to be a major production.  If you carry an iPhone or other device that captures video shooting video is easy to do.content marketing strategy video content

Here are a few ideas to put in your content tool belt.

  • If you’re out and about and someone ask you a question – Take out your video camera, record them asking the question and then record yourself answering it.  
  • Search for questions on social media sites.  Find the people in your company that can answer the questions and record it.  
  • Bring your camera to trade shows or industry events and record experts on the fly by conducting on the spot interviews with them.  Or ask 10 people to share their take aways from the event and edit it into a video.  

Content Marketing Strategy Tip # 7 – Write what You like

Ok we’re well into the home stretch of the content marketing strategy series and this tip goes way against the grain of what you’re likely to read other places.

Most websites will encourage to either write for SEO value or to some how write to build a legion of loyal followers.  My advice is to do neither. Instead be true to yourself and write what You like.  Who needs a legion anyway…you need a Tribe willing to spread your ideas.

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If you’re writing for SEO value or to build an audience then you run the risk of writing what’s popular, and what’s popular is always a competitive space.  If instead if you take a risk and write about the ideas in your head, give an honest opinion about the things you observe in the world, then your tribe will come.  And what’s better you’ll be leading instead of following.

Both Michael Hyatt and Seth Godin (two very popular bloggers) tell stories how how for years they wrote (being consistent) and hardly anyone showed up to read their blogs.  You can checkout what Seth had to say about following the so called “blogging rules” in is post Doing it wrong relentlessly.  Checkout what Michael has to say in his video post My 7 Biggest Platform Building Blunders.



Content Marketing Strategy Tip 5 – Listen To Social Media Conversations

Content marketing strategy social media conversations

One of the biggest benefits of social media is that it gives you a real-time feed of what your prospective customers are discussing.  Listen carefully and you’ll discover plenty of ideas for good content.  An added benefit of gathering ideas this way is that content that’s generated from social conversations tends to get shared.Content marketing strategy social media conversations

For example, if you see people inquiring about a product or service you provide, you can then create a blog post, video, or podcast answering the questions.

Another idea is to use social media to connect with interesting people as a source for interviews, and guest post providers.  I recently reached out to Cyndi Burnett, @CyndiburnettAssistant Professor at the International Institute for Creativity.

After being notified that she followed me on Twitter I checked out the institutes website and enjoyed the content.  I then sent her a quick message via Twitter asking if she would be interested in doing an interview for my blog readers.  She responded in the affirmative and we’re working out the details.

To help you become more efficient at monitoring socia media conversations, try using some marketing software like Hootsuite (what I use) to help filter discussions and identify the ones you’re most interested in.

Check out the other tips in the content marketing strategy series.  

Content Marketing Strategy – Write Annual and “Best-Of” List

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Today’s post is tip number 5 in the content marketing strategy series. Consider writing round-ups, reviews, look-backs, and looking forward list at the very end or beginning of each year, and during slow points in the summer.

content marketing strategy

Here are a few ideas:

  • Compile a list of your most popular blog post and put them in an “best-of” ebook. (This is one I’ll do at the end of this year).
  • If you’re blogging to tech enthusiast a list of top or most popular gadgets will go over well.
  • A list of great books in your niche for your followers to read in the upcoming year.
  • A list of great books you read during the current year that’s about to end.  (Here’s what I read in 2012)

These are easy topics to write about and provide great fuel for your content marketing strategy.  Additionally they also have a tendency to appeal to a wide range of folks.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for types of list that can be put together.

Content Marketing – Tip # 3 – Look Beyond Your Industry For Information

Content Marketing Guide

When developing content for your readers keep in mind that what’s relevant is likely a wide variety of subjects. Try looking beyond your niche and try and make usefulContent Marketing Looking connections between things that on the surface seem unrelated. For example you might not think that Jimi Hendrix and mass marketing have anything to do with each other?

Dan Zarrella is a social media reseacher and he calls this approach “combined relevance”.  Your customers have interest in many different subjects and when you combine two of those interest in a relevant, uplifting, or entertaining way the result is a better connection with people who care about those things.  I’m surprised that, currently, the most shared content on this site are the post about failure and success.  Second are the post regarding marketing strategy.  I did not expect this.

I try to keep my eyes open for combined relevance examples wherever I go.  A few weeks ago a visit to Wholefoods Market inspired a post regarding the effect that customer service has on social media marketing.  All my blog post get tweeted and the folks at Wholefoods reponded with a thank you and a retweet.  If you keep your antennas up you’ll start to notice examples everywhere.  A good or bad experience at a restaurant could inspire a blog post about the importance of customer service.  A conversation with a client could give you an idea for a Slideshare presentation business management.

Update 5/31/18: Funny I was just reviewing this article and it just so happens that I recently had a request come in to my agency for a video marketing proposal.  It come from a restaurant that I’d written a poor review about.  The owner reached out to me to discuss my experience and we’ve developed quite a good relationship.  Now he’s getting some much needed marketing help and I’m getting a new client.

Once you train your brain to look you’ll find that marketing content is everywhere and the world will be your oyster.

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