What’s The Point of A Resume

rodney goldston

I’m not a big fan of resumes.  Mostly because I’m not a big fan of the idea of raising your hand and waiting for someone to pick me.  It’s a very industrial revolution type of mindset.

Hey, I’m not saying you have to do what I do but here’s something to chew on:

If everyone else is sending in resumes, and you send in yours how are you hoping to stand out? News Flash – bold font, color, and your picture don’t show that you’re awesome, or exceptional.

When you send a resume it’s just something someone can look at and find a reason to exclude you…not enough white space, to much white space…it’s missing this or that…and she forgot a colon here…she’s out!

And, good looking resumes are to easy to build….everyone can have a good looking resume…so where does that leave you?

Here are a few things you can work on building other than your resume.

  • Your reputation
  • Being indispensable
  • A blog with your unique spin on your industry, or life that’s so awesome I can’t help but follow you
  • Important work (what have you, or are you working on that’s making your community or the world a better place)
  • Your Tribe (below is a link to a book explaining what tribes, are and how you can build yours)(Disclaimer: if U click the link and purchase the book I’ll earn a few pennies.)

The job that you really want, that incredible one…it does not get filled because the hiring manager saw a resume first.  It gets filled because someone says hey you’ve got to talk with so, and so.  She’s absolutely unbelievable!!!!

Something to make you go…hmm! 

rodney goldston
Me and my Uncle Hue

My uncle was a bricky…Mason.  Bricky is what he called himself.  When I was young I remember anytime we were driving together he’d be pointing out buildings (the tall towering type) saying I did that wall, or I laid that brick.  I’d over hear people talking about the amazing masonary work he did.  The thing is my uncle was completely illiterate (common for his generation).  He couldn’t have done a resume if his life depended on it.  Thing is he never needed one because his reputation preceded him.

University of Penn SRFS Video

University of Pennsylvania Student Registration and Financial Services Video

I recently completed a video project for University of Pennsylvania Student Registration and Financial Services office.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with Penn and look forward to future projects.

Student Registration and Financial Services supports the university’s goal of recruiting and retaining a high quality diverse student body.  Karen, the Director wanted an exciting, punchy marketing video that was different than anything their department and other departments at the university had ever done.  After viewing several videos we created with one of the doctors at Penn Medicine she turned to us to help create her vision.

The project included

  • Script writing
  • Custom photography
  • Custom graphics
  • Video (shooting, and editing)

Something To Make You Go…Hmm!  Back in the 90’s my first interaction with Penn as a service vendor was selling bubble gum.  For four years I had 10 bubble gum machines located in various places throughout the campus.

Top 9 Online Marketing Strategies (Video)

online marketing strategy

Click Here To Grab The PDF

Continuing in our online marketing strategy series I’d thought it might be a good time to take a look at the types of marketing strategies or business models deployed on the web.

It’s a question I get asked a lot ‘what strategy should I use to market my business on the Internet?’ In fact I think it’s likely the question most often asked of marketing consultants by small and large businesses alike, I also think it’s the least understood.
In general I think there are two very important things to keep in mind with online marketing strategies.

  1. There are 9 major online marketing strategies…pick one (or a combination), and apply it to your business.
  2. Marketing strategies are not set in stone. However, these models are difficult to shift once you start down the path. As always set goals, measure results, and make strategy adjustments where needed.
    Let’s dive in.

List of The Top 9 Online Marketing Strategies

Here are the top 9 strategies used by companies doing business on the web.  I’ve put together a downloadable PDF, it’s free, where I explain each of these online business models/strategies in detail with real business examples.

  1. Brokerage
  2. Advertising
  3. Infomediary
  4. Merchant
  5. Manufacturer
  6. Affiliate
  7. Community
  8. Subscription
  9. Utility

Grab Your Free PDF

online marketing strategy

I Think You’re Beautiful

shea glover beautiful

If you don’t think words matter, then watch what happens when Shea Glover tells people she taking pictures of things she thinks are beautiful.

Choose your spoken and written words carefully, and use them for good.  Shea has done an excellent job here combining words, art, and social media.  Word Up! Shea


Misuse Of The Universal Video Symbol

Just about every marketing stat you can find these days tells you that there’s a very simple thing any marketer can do to increase traffic to their website, improve ad conversions, lower bounce rates, and increase social media shares. It’s to ad quality video into the marketing mix.

But using the universal video symbol on an image that links to a post without providing an actual video is just bad
marketing.  This morning I clicked on a link on a friends FB wall (which showed the universal video symbol) expecting to see a video of Yolanda Adams on the Jimmy Fallon show and was taken to a page without a video. Once there you’re presented with the option to share the content on your FB or Twitter pages.  The social media share link automatically posts an image with the video symbol but with no link to a video.  Shame on QPolitical for using this tactic to drive traffic.