Remembering Prince


Prince once said he’d rather us celebrate his death than the day of his birth.  If you know anything about him you can figure out why.  So in remembrance to my brother Prince here’s a verse from one of my favorite tunes by him called the Max.

I loved this song from the moment I first heard it.  I keep in my workout playlist.  I think the message he was sending was two fold.  One is that we have to have perseverance, and two that we have to be willing to work really hard…at whatever work we find ourselves doing.

The Max by Prince (partial lyrics)

When my back is so far back it’s on the other side of the wall
When half a chance is all I get if I get a chance at all
When the going gets tougher than the tough can go
I grind the axe, that’s when I go, I go, I go to the max, I go

When they tell me to walk a straight line
I put on crooked shoes
When they tell me that I can’t live forever
I pay some overdues (Kick it)
When they start makin’ up a crazy rule
That’s when I break a back
Cause when I go, I go, I go to the max, I go

How To Get More Out Of Life

mallence bart williams

Most of us know that the way to get more is to give more.  The problem is that when we think of giving more usually what comes to mind is what best fits into the definition of charity.  The problem with charity is that it has a very nasty tendency to create lop sided views.  Where the giver somehow comes to believe that they are better, or that the receiver can’t do it without their charity.  Even worse the receiver comes to believe this as well.

The better way to give is by sharing, or what Mallence Bart Williams calls sharity.  When you share what you have, you enable the receiver to create, and share with you and/or others in return.  Charity is a lop sided equation, but sharity is a two way street.

Here’s Mallence’s TedX talk on sharing.


What If, Could We

w.e.b. du bois quotes

What if we taught children that: honesty is best, knowledge is power, and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  What if we taught them this, and earnestly lived it out b4 them. Could we nudge our nation, perhaps the world towards it?

Just a little something to make you go…hmm!

Your Power To Negotiate and Rust

rodney goldston rusty

When you negotiate with someone else you get a better deal.  But when you negotiate with yourself to do something later instead of now you usually get the short end of the stick because later makes you rusty.rusty chain

I’ll (you fill in the blank) tomorrow, just 5 more minutes, and I’ll get to it later are all ways of negotiating with yourself to put off doing something now, for later.

People seek later because now is pressing, it’s urgent, and uncomfortable.  Nothing rust completely overnight.  Rust sets in little by little.  You don’t wake up one morning suddenly 50 pounds overweight you negotiated exercising now for later to often.  You don’t show up to the market place suddenly at a competitive disadvantage, no you negotiated sharpening your saw now for later to many times.

When you’re feeling the tension that accompany’s the urgency of now consider leaning into it, or run the risk of rusting away.