Sometimes U Just Need 2 Call Out Sick

jimi hendrix

There are events that define our times.  Most people can remember where they were when Kennedy, and King were shot.  But do you know where most people were when Hendrix played Star Bangled Banner at Woodstock?  They were at work.

In 1969 a half-million people attended Woodstock from August 15th through the 17th.  However, on Monday, August 18th 470,000 of them went 2 work (or 2 school) and missed the performance that has come to define Woodstock itself – Hendrix’s Star Bangled Banner.

That day Hendrix played for more than two hours including a rare encore performance to an almost empty crowd.  If you were one of the 470,000 who left early to go to work you simply missed the greatest guitar player in history, playing histories greatest concert.  Can’t get it back.

Oh say can you see 470,000 people kicking themselves in their butts for going 2 work.  Sometimes u just need 2 call out sick.

A Word About True Genius

true genius

Commoners usually can’t recognize the true Genius because what he’s doing is so far advanced that he’s miles away from the rest of us. In fact the true genius does not even recognize his own work as genius.  Because it’s rejected by the masses.  He just keeps doing it because the work matters to him.

We finally come to see the genius because when we view the body of work it dawns on us that this person has left us better off than we were before, and suddenly his work matters to us.  And nothing before his work was like it, but everything after him bears his mark.

Although the true genius is hard to spot, we can easily spot the imposter – he’s the one calling himself a genius, brilliant, or something akin.

What To Do If Nine Out Of Ten Startups Fail

rodney goldston

It’s true that nine out of ten start ups fail.

You can take this bit of info and decide that working on someones else business (employment) is safer and therefore better, or…

You can take this data and decide to get started on your 9 failures as fast as you can.  Realizing that nine is just an average number and it may take you only two, or three.

It’s up to you.

Thank you Bella Cambell for this infographic called Will To Fail.


Last month my buddy Don Graves and I visited California.  While there I visited Armstrong Readwoods State Natural Reserve.  Upon arriving I stopped in the visitor center, and picked up a map.  Glancing at the map I was able to quickly see that there were multiple paths to one of the Redwood Trees I wanted to see.  I chose a more scenic path since I had a little time to burn.  There was never any doubt in my mind as to where I was heading and if I’d arrive because I’d choose my own destination and direction.

When you choose you’re more likely to get where you want to go because choosing allows you to pick a path.





I’m not a huge fan of maps (I’m not referring to the geographical kind), but to the kind that says I did it this way so pay me and I’ll show you how I did it.  so and so did it this way therefore so can you.  With that said there are some maps worth referencing as you choose your own unique path.  Buffettology is one such map. According to Warren Buffett himself it’s the best guide ever written about his methodologies to investing…if you’re interested in being on that path.  It’s better to read than listen because you’ll want to reference it’s charts often.



Around the year 2000 or so an auto dealer asked me if I knew how to produce a newsletter.  I said yes.  The truth is I didn’t know anything about it.  But I said yes anyway, got the details of what he had in mind, and asked if I could get back to him with my fee in a few days.  A quick trip to see my good friend and mentor Rob Jones and I was equipped with all I needed to know.

That one ‘yes’ landed me a countless number of projects with more than 100 automotive dealers across the United States…all while working out of my basement.  Looking back it was the precursor to the content development business I have today.  I sat down with Joe Taylor of 2820 Press a few weeks ago for a podcast interview for the Build and talked a little about it.

From time to time we get the chance to step up, take the lead, raise our hand and say ‘Yes’…I can do that, I’ll take a risk, I’ll try even if I fail.  No on the other hand limits opportunity, imposters as low risk, and self fulfills the internal chatter that says I can’t.

When someone ask you … hey can you _________ (fill in the blank) realize that’s your chance to be needed and your opportunity to step up and do work that could make a difference.

Have no fear…broaden your horizons…find a project to say yes to today.