On The Baltimore Riots

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Riot is the language of the unheard – Dr. Martin Luther King You might also like: MLK Quotes: 4 Of My Favorite The Fierce Urgency of Now! Get Pissed Why So Few?

Ain’t No Award For That

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Ain’t no award 4 Parenting like Hecliff and Clair. 4 Stayin Up on your grind late night like Jimmy Kimble. 4 doing it not cause U want 2, but cause U got 2! Ain’t no award 4 being calm, cool, collected, flowing like Lee. 4 floating through life like a butterfly stinging like a bee. […]

The Mistake Freelancers Make Pricing Services

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Most freelancers undercharge for their services/products.  Believe me I know from personal experience.  Years ago I had a group of Subaru dealers as clients and sat in a marketing meeting and discovered I was the lowest paid vendor on their list.  Not their fault, they didn’t nickel and dime me, they paid me exactly what […]

Has Google Found The Loch Ness Monster?

loch ness monster

You know, I’ve often wondered with so many cameras in so many peoples hands these days why there are no UFO sightings anymore.  And, why can’t we seem to get quality footage of Big Foot, or a Yeti.  I’m a X Files type of guy and just like Fox Mulder I want to believe.  Seems that […]

Who and What You Really Are

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There are things you do when your boss, neighbors, or our friends are looking.  You behave in a manner (even when you are not aware of it) that you want to be perceived or that has come to be expected. Then there are things you do when you think no one is watching, when you think you’re all alone, or when […]


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There’s the I know you’re not lying to me trust and there’s the I know you won’t steal my money type of trust. Then there’s the kind of trust where you know someone not going to hurt you no matter what. The trust where you know someone will always be there for you no matter […]

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


The Wizard of Oz resonates with you because its every humans story.  It’s easy to see that at some point you’ve bought into feeling stupid, somewhere along the line you’ve lacked courage, and too often you’ve lacked passion. But why can’t you see you’ve also been wearing the magic slippers all along? Click you heals… you’ve […]

Hitting The Wall and Your Small Business

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Everyone who completes a marathon experiences the wall. The wall occurs somewhere around mile 22. It can be best understood as the point which a runners mind and body both simultaneously and equally want to quit.  100% of all marathoners experience the wall, but why do some quit while others finish the race? Its because successful marathoners […]

Why Honeybees Fly and Your Small Business Can To


Did you know that for a long time scientist considered bee flight aerodynamically impossible. Until recent years they simply could not explain it.  In 1934 observing bees, August Magnan said the haphazard flapping of their wings simply shouldn’t keep the hefty bugs aloft.  But we all know bees fly. And the simple explanation is because they were […]

Explorers and Dummies

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When Christopher Columbus landed in America he was lost.  He thought he was in India, which is why he called the Native Americans…Indians.  The thing is that the nature of the explorer is to always be lost.  Lost is what we are just before discovering something new. (Tweet It Now!) Contrast that thought with the true nature […]

Slow To…

There’s wisdom in being slow to speak, and slow to judge, but not slow to see. When we’re slow to see we miss the things that are often right in front of us. When we’re slow to see God’s grace in others we label people them, resort to name calling, consider them irrelevant, and fail to act with compassion. […]

11 Ways To Overcome The Fear of Talking To Strangers

overcoming the fear of talking to strangers

Put me in a room with ten, one hundred, or one thousand people, give me enough time and I know everyone.  I know just about every person on my block, and two blocks over as well. When my wife ask me why I was at the gym so long my routine answer has become I was […]

What To Do About The Broken Promise of The Industrial Age

industrial age

Go to school, do well, obey your teachers, and get a good education so that you can get a good job.  That was the promise of the industrial age.  Promises were also made about fairness, upward mobility, and a good life during our golden years. But those promises along with the industrial age have all […]

Albert Einstein Stupid

albert einstein stupidity

Mama always says stupid is as stupid does … Forrest Gump If that’s true then stupidity is not the word you typically expect to be associated with Albert Einstein. But if you define stupid as the way you feel when you’re working on a difficult problem, as being wrong until you’re right, or the way […]

What We Can Learn From American Sniper Chris Kyle – Aim High

chris kyle american snipper

Last Saturday my wife and I journeyed to the theatre to watch American Sniper.  The film, directed by Clint Eastwood, is based on the auto-biography of Chris Kyle…a true American hero.  It’s well worth seeing. Chris Kyle was the best sniper in American history.  Here’s one thing Chris knew for sure.  When he fired his […]

Accomplishing, Righteousness, and Starting

Rodney Goldston

The Difference Between Doing and Trying I saw a quote a few days ago that read “All of your accomplishments begin with a decision to try”.  I could not agree less. In fact the reason that most people don’t accomplish what they set out to is because they stop at the decision to try.  This is […]


Rodney Goldston

2day…. Be good 2 yourself Love yourself Treat yourself Believe in yourself Be yourself ….and that’s all I’ve got to say about that! You might also like: No related posts.

Richer Smarter Better Stronger Faster Human


Most of us will spend this day trying to improve ourselves in some way by becoming richer, smarter, better, stronger, faster.  Perhaps all we need to improve ourselves today is to try and become more….human. You might also like: What You Think Matters Shipping or Receiving

The Success Mindset

success factors

Here are 25 success factors I hope encourage you.  The world won’t always push up roses for you, but if you’ll determine to commit to these mindsets I’ll look forward to seeing you at the top. Note: I’ve put a Tweet button next to each line to make it easy to Tweet out each individual item. […]

Attitude vs Planning

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People tend to either focus on their attitude, or their plan.  Rarely both at the same time.  It’s either the my attitude determines my altitude, or I’ve got to have a plan and work my plan mindset at play. I think most successful people have come to realize they need both.   You might also like: […]