Premium Beef

premium beef

I actually snapped this picture quite some time ago while walking through my local supermarket. The meat provider, Lancaster Brand, has done a poor job at marketing because the package misleads consumers. The USDA requires that all retail beef be labeled with its grade. Plastered across this package in giant bold letters are the words […]

The Others

lost the others

If you were a fan of the hit show Lost then you’re familiar with ‘The Others”.  The ‘Others’ were the group of people who lived on the other side of the island.  ‘The Others’ were the enemy, the terrorist.  The strange thing is that to both groups of people living on opposite ends of the […]

Trust Yourself

tall ships picton castle

Tall Ships landed in Philadelphia this week.  I spent the day sailing with the crew of the tall ship Picton Castle.  Working a ship is hard, dirty, and dangerous.  Surprisingly the majority of the crew were young ladies.  The seemed to be excellent in their task (so did the young men). These young people are […]

Your Business Needs To Be Like Water

become like water bruce lee quote

Become like water my friend – Bruce Lee A few key elements of water are that it’s shapeless, changes direction easily, adjust speed when appropriate, it’s strong, free, powerful, and forges it’s own path. Like water you and your business must be able to change quickly to ensure your survival. Change embodies movement, things that […]

Your Power To Negotiate and Rust

rodney goldston rusty

When you negotiate with someone else you get a better deal.  But when you negotiate with yourself to do something later instead of now you usually get the short end of the stick because later makes you rusty. I’ll (you fill in the blank) tomorrow, just 5 more minutes, and I’ll get to it later are […]

4 Things You Can Do To Find A Job

rodney goldston

Just about everything you’ve ever learned about finding a job has been geared towards getting employed with a large fortune 500 company.  The challenge is that small businesses employ far more people, so you’re more likely to land a gig with a small local firm nobody has even heard of.  Additionally fortune 500 companies are […]

Unbiased Opinions On Social Media

rodney goldston pug life

It’s difficult to render an unbiased opinion. The Internet and social media have made it super easy for everyone to render their ‘unbiased opinions’ loudly and frequently. Just because someone has an opinion, and a medium to deliver it does not mean that they’re right. Opinions are easy to give, but rarely worth paying attention […]

The Importance of Embracing Overnight Failure

rodney goldston

The day to day grind and hyper focus on making it often prevents startups and bootstrappers from embracing and leaning into small failures.  And modern media doesn’t help at all.  Shows like American Idol, and Shark Tank dupe the startup into believing that the only type of success worth having is the “overnight” type. However, […]

You’ll Bloom If You Don’t Quit

unbloomed flower

I was hanging out at Longwood Gardens the other day and snapped this picture of a flower on the verge of blooming.  I stood and watched it for quite a bit of time.  I think people walking by thought ‘how weird is this guy watching a flower that’s yet to bloom’.  What I was thinking […]

On The Baltimore Riots

rodney goldston

Riot is the language of the unheard – Dr. Martin Luther King You might also like: MLK Quotes: 4 Of My Favorite The Fierce Urgency of Now! Get Pissed Why So Few?

Ain’t No Award For That

rodney goldston

Ain’t no award 4 Parenting like Hecliff and Clair. 4 Stayin Up on your grind late night like Jimmy Kimble. 4 doing it not cause U want 2, but cause U got 2! Ain’t no award 4 being calm, cool, collected, flowing like Lee. 4 floating through life like a butterfly stinging like a bee. […]

The Mistake Freelancers Make Pricing Services

rodney goldston

Most freelancers undercharge for their services/products.  Believe me I know from personal experience.  Years ago I had a group of Subaru dealers as clients and sat in a marketing meeting and discovered I was the lowest paid vendor on their list.  Not their fault, they didn’t nickel and dime me, they paid me exactly what […]

Has Google Found The Loch Ness Monster?

loch ness monster

You know, I’ve often wondered with so many cameras in so many peoples hands these days why there are no UFO sightings anymore.  And, why can’t we seem to get quality footage of Big Foot, or a Yeti.  I’m a X Files type of guy and just like Fox Mulder I want to believe.  Seems that […]

Who and What You Really Are

rodney goldston

There are things you do when your boss, neighbors, or our friends are looking.  You behave in a manner (even when you are not aware of it) that you want to be perceived or that has come to be expected. Then there are things you do when you think no one is watching, when you think you’re all alone, or when […]


rodney goldston

There’s the I know you’re not lying to me trust and there’s the I know you won’t steal my money type of trust. Then there’s the kind of trust where you know someone not going to hurt you no matter what. The trust where you know someone will always be there for you no matter […]

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


The Wizard of Oz resonates with you because its every humans story.  It’s easy to see that at some point you’ve bought into feeling stupid, somewhere along the line you’ve lacked courage, and too often you’ve lacked passion. But why can’t you see you’ve also been wearing the magic slippers all along? Click you heals… you’ve […]

Hitting The Wall and Your Small Business

rodney goldston

Everyone who completes a marathon experiences the wall. The wall occurs somewhere around mile 22. It can be best understood as the point which a runners mind and body both simultaneously and equally want to quit.  100% of all marathoners experience the wall, but why do some quit while others finish the race? Its because successful marathoners […]

Why Honeybees Fly and Your Small Business Can To


Did you know that for a long time scientist considered bee flight aerodynamically impossible. Until recent years they simply could not explain it.  In 1934 observing bees, August Magnan said the haphazard flapping of their wings simply shouldn’t keep the hefty bugs aloft.  But we all know bees fly. And the simple explanation is because they were […]

Explorers and Dummies

rodney goldston marketing speaker

When Christopher Columbus landed in America he was lost.  He thought he was in India, which is why he called the Native Americans…Indians.  The thing is that the nature of the explorer is to always be lost.  Lost is what we are just before discovering something new. (Tweet It Now!) Contrast that thought with the true nature […]

Slow To…

There’s wisdom in being slow to speak, and slow to judge, but not slow to see. When we’re slow to see we miss the things that are often right in front of us. When we’re slow to see God’s grace in others we label people them, resort to name calling, consider them irrelevant, and fail to act with compassion. […]