Creating New Business Opportunities Using Mobile, Social, Information, and The Cloud

Digital Marketing

Digital MarketingFour independent forces social media, mobile technologies, cloud based systems, and information proliferation have all converged to create a single unique force that presents both opportunites and challenges for all organizations, marketers, and sales teams.

These forces come together in technology immeresed environments, and all organization, marketers, and sales teams are technology immeresed environments these days.

Best poised for growth will be those that find ways close the gap between stimulus and response through rapid deployment of  innovative products and services that reach new and existing customers in new ways.

Creating opportunities by closing the stimulus response gap

I purchased my first book form Amazon in the 1990’s.  Stimulus…I want to read a book. Response…order online have it in a couple of days.  Now with the proliferation of the Kindle the gap between stimulus (want to read a book) and response is zero.  I Simply download it using my 1-click settings.

Last night I decided to watch an old episode of my favorite ’80’s show the X-Files (stimulus).  I simply logged into Netflix on my home theatre and pressed play (zero gap).  When I got sleepy I logged in on my iPad and finished watching in the bed (use of mobile).

Amazon and Netflix use the cloud to achieve scale and reach, while the Kindles, iPads, and other devices I have use the cloud to enable seamless playback experience where ever I am.

Questions to consider

  • How can your organization, team, group, church, etc. enable consumers to get their results more quickly?
  • How are you empowering your knowledge workers to share their ideas via blogs, and other social media platforms?
  • Are you relying on increasingly obsolete promotional channels (TV ads, radio spots, newspaper, banner ads) to let people hear about your product?
  • Do you know who the real influencers are for your offering?  More importantly do they know you?


In A Connection Economy Do Social Media Connections Really Matter?

social media

social mediaThe race is on for marketers to build social media connections.  But are the number of connections marketers are able to acquire really what matters most?


What matters more than the number of connections are the quality of those connections.  And quality can be easily measured by the number of followers that are willing to share your message with others.

Getting others to share your message is simple

Post something on your blog, record a video to Youtube, post a picture on Pinterest, or give something of value away for free to your Facebook followers, that is remarkable and people will share it.  Do this consistently and your ideas begin to spread.

You don’t need a lot of followers to win the connection game, just a few who are willing to spread your ideas.

Something to make you go …hmm!

Jesus Christ had hundreds of followers, but he only needed 12 that were willing to spread his ideas.  Look what happened.

Using Social Media As A Pull Marketing Strategy


Things have changed and we live in a connection economy today.  Consumers want to be pulled pull-marketingnot pushed into the products or services the desire.  The sales person, consultant, company, you fill in the blank that does the best job at connecting with people or companies, i.e. pulling those, who are willing to listen to them wins…big.

I’m startled when sales people or organizations fail to use social media as a pull marketing strategy.

My Honda dealer won’t connect with me…even though I asked them to very politely

As I write this I’m sitting in the waiting room at my Honda dealer getting my oil changed.  My family has had an absolutely wonderful experience with this dealership on every level.  We adore our sales rep, and we love our 2012 Honda Crosstour. With just a little effort to connect with us socially they could have us as customers forever (providing the experience remains consistently great).

Here is what boggles my mind.  When we purchased our Crosstour early this year we told our sales rep that we were in the market for a second vehicle.  More importantly we asked to be contacted and kept up to date with any lease specials (we actually said PLEASE inform us).  To date we have gotten zero, zip, zilch, in way of any type of communication from our sales rep on lease specials.

In a connection economy when a prospect gives you outright permission, no scratch that, request PLEASE connect with me you have to do it.

Why I think my rep has not connected with me

He’s thinks he selling cars, but he’s not.  He’s selling a wonderful non-pressured sales experience, a service department that doesn’t try to rip me off, a waiting room with better coffee than Starbucks, and permission to inform me about anything Honda (I’d even follow him to a different dealership…because I’ve bought into him).  My wife and and I have already bought into all of this.  Getting us to purchase a second car there would be a piece of cake.

Newsflash…we actually want 3 cars…my daughter starts to drive in a few months.

Using social media as a pull marketing strategy is easy

Social media does not have to be difficult. You don’t have to have a Facebook or Twitter account.  Email is a social media tool that you likely already have…use it.

Blogs are a social media tool and should be the foundation of your social media strategy anyway (not Facebook and not Twitter…YOUR OWN BLOG).  My opinion is that micro blogging platforms like Facebook should support your blog on your domain…not the other way around.

Setting up a blog is free and takes less than 10 minutes to get started.  Seth Godin who communicates with thousands of people each day that, willingly spread his ideas via Twitter and Facebook, uses Typepad’s free blog platform.  You can also check out WordPress it’s also free.

Use social media to connect or risk losing your customers

There is another Honda dealership in walking distance from my house.  By not connecting with me in any way shape or form, my dealership has opened the door for their competitor.  All I have to do is walk on over to their competitor.

Multitasking vs Focus What Would Einstein Say

I recently attended a Dale Carnegie session in which a small debate came up regarding multitasking vs focus.  Today there is such a tremendous emphasis placed on the ability to multitask.  But is multitasking or a laser like focus better for accomplishing goals?  What would Albert Einstein say?

What is multi-tasking

Multitasking is the ability to handle more than one task (type of client, develop more than one skill, do more than one job, etc) at same time.  An example of organizational multitasking can be seen as an entrepreneur focusing on a wide group (shot gun approach) to serve verses a niche market (riffle approach).Multitasking vs focus

What’s the fastest way for a small business to reach it’s goal?

Consider a new small business owner with a goal of doing $100,000 in business revenue.  What gets her to her goal faster? Multitasking and serving many types of clients or laser focus on a niche market?  Generally speaking it’s far easier to start focused on a niche market and expand later than it is to start broad and narrow your focus later.

What would Albert Einstein say?

Consider this example.  Bart leaves his home in New Jersey and gets on his skateboard and rides 10 mph north (true north) towards Canada.  A third of the way there he decides to divert a little (multi-task) and ride just a little in easterly direction as well…he’s now traveling in a north easterly direction.  Bart is still going north, just less north that he was before.  Bart will still get to Canada just not as quickly.

This is what Albert Einstein discovered regarding the space time continuum, that an object in motion actually experiences time at a slower rate than one at rest (read it if you are really looking for something to make you go…hmm!). I don’t want to attempt to explain it here but this natrual law as implication for businesses.  The simplest way to understand it is to realize that moving in one direction is more efficient than attempting to move in two at the same time.  Any attempt to move in the second direction will slow your movement in the first.

While multitasking is sometimes necessary whenever you can move with a laser focus in one direction, toward a single goal, you will get there faster.

Update: Since I’ve written this a debate has erupted Multitasking Men vs Women.

How To Sell Your Products The Way Apple Sells iPods and the iPhone

iPod Ad

iPod AdYou can sell more of whatever it is you are trying to move if you will quickly abandon any attempt to tell clients any facts, figures, or pricing about what you are selling.

To often sales people do what I call a feature puek.  They rattle of all the facts, prices, in’s & out’s, and we do this and we do that about their product or service.  They want to give the customer information, but information is exactly what the customer does not need in the information age.  All the information they need to make a buying decision is available online for a whopping $0.  Besides if they found you trough an Internet search haven’t they already read the information on your website?

Customers don’t need sales people to give them information, (even if they say)…”I’m looking for some information on…”.

How to sell anything … Tell clients want they want to hear

What they are really after is a story that already lines up with their particular worldview.  A world view is simply a story that a customer has already told herself and believes.  If you can share with consumers a story about your product, that they have already told themselves, that is true, and makes a promise that they believe you can fulfill you have a good shot at making a sale.

How Apple sells iPods and iPhones

Consider the most successful MP3 player in history…the Apple iPod.  Apple did not invent the MP3 player, instead they just told a better story to the people who were already inclined to believe it, then those people told their friends.

  • World view: I’ve got a huge music collection that I’d like to listen to when and where I want to.
  • Story: 10,000 songs in your pocket.  For Mac or PC

No facts, no figures, no advertised price, just a story told to a consumer who already shares that world view.