Why You Should Monitor Social Media Mentions

If a tree falls and No one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

This is one of those philosophical questions that I’ve always answered –  yes.

Consider this – if your brand is mentioned on a social media platform and no one (meaning you) is there to hear it does it still make a sound? Of course it does you’re just were not there to hear it!

Monitor conversations about yourself or company

You can easily monitor social media mentions with a product like Hootsuite. Also, Twitter has a search engine built into it.  Fill in the name of a person, company, topic, etc and Twitter displays the results of any mentions, pages, etc.


Google Voter Info Tool

Google Voter Info

Just a week out from the presidential election many people are Googling voter information. To help Google recently launched it’s latest voter information tool.  The tool makes all the up coming election information available in one spot.Google Voter Info

I tested the Google voter info tool and I think it’s very helpful.  Simply input your address and the location where you are to vote, all the candidates, and more appear.  There are links for each candidate that launch a Google search results page.

How To Persuade Someone To Buy – What Inbound Marketers Can Learn From Obama vs Romney

Obama vs Romney

How To Persuade Someone – Predicting who will become President in the Obama vs Romney war to persuade voters is easy.  The candidate that will win the election is the person that does the best job at tapping into the dreams of the most Americans and links their ideas or causes to the realization of the dreams of the American people.  Sound simple – not in the least.

how to persuade someone

But this is what is at the heart of persuasion, and there is something for inbound marketers to learn as we watch the drama of the campaign unfold.

Why it’s difficult to persuade people

Persuading people is extremely difficult because to learn how to persuade someone you must learn how to change their mind.  For someone to change their mind they must be willing to admit they were wrong.  And, admitting that we are wrong is contrary to human nature, so humans avoid it like the plague.

Simply put learning how to persuade someone is so difficult because no one wants to admit they are wrong.

What is persuasion?

Persuasion is getting people to want to do – what you want them to do

How to persuade someone

Aristotle pointed out that in order to persuade someone, to get them to admit they were wrong three variable must exist within a presentation.

Trust – the ability to make a favorable first impression

Logic – does the argument make sense to the listener

Emotion – your ability to link your products, services, or causes to the realizations of your listeners dreams. It’s how you make them hear it, taste it, feel it, want it.

The next time you get to hear the candidates speak (if the election is over watch a Youtube video) pay attention and you’ll notice that everything they say can some how be linked to one of the three elements of successful persuasion.

What can inbound marketers learn from this?

How to persuade someone to buy – Inbound marketers should consider these things about their websites when assessing it’s ability to drive conversion goals.


Does your website or landing page make a professional first impression.  It’s important because what’s true in life is also true on the web, and that is first impressions are lasting ones.

Measuring a websites trust factor

You can measure the trust worthiness of our site by examining your analytics reports.  Check for starting pages and pay attention to both the bounce rate and the average time on site.

When considering how to persuade someone remember social media affects trust

Keep in mind that trust worthiness is not only about how your site looks.  Content matters and good content drives social media engagement.  Social media can have a huge and lasting affect on our sites ability to build trust.

Your site can look like dirt if 400,000 Facebook users have liked it and 500 Twitter users tweet your blog post every day – so Tweet this please 🙂

Equally worth considering is the idea that your site or landing pages can be as pristine as a presidential palace but without people willing to sneeze your ideas you’ll struggle to build trust.


Most inbound marketers mistake facts for logic.  They are not the same.  Facts are the technical aspects of your product, service, or idea.  To make a logical appeal requires a deeper understanding of target audience;

Concerns – exactly what problem is your audience attempting to solve

Impact – how does the lack of a solution impact them

Solution – how does your product, service, idea, etc address their concerns and eliminate the impact

Benefits – what will be the benefit of implementing your product, service, idea, etc. Note – do not express the benefit as you won’t have this or that concern anymore…..


Instead tie benefits to deep seated emotions.  Express a benefit as the potential clients ability to either achieve, or avoid something.

For example, potential clients for a web analytic service don’t want data, they want increased sales, venture capital, to take their company public, to avoid losing market share, etc.

When considering how to persuade someone face to face or online keep these principals in mind and you’ll be well on your way.

How To Blog – 11 Amazing Tips For Beginners

My long time friend Ed Gay called me the other day and said that he was interested in getting started with blogging for his business and wanted to know what I advised.  Here’s what I told him.

  1. Decide on the blogging platform you’ll use: WordPress, Typepad, and Blogger are the big 3.
    1. WordPress and Blogger are free.
    2. WordPress can be run on your own server or off of the WordPress server.  I run this blog on WordPress on a shared hosting plan from Godaddy.
    3. Typepad charges a small fee for their blogging platform.
  2. Ready – Fire – Aim: Get started ASAP. You really can’t go wrong with any of the blogging platforms mentioned above. Take some time to review them and make a decision and stick with it.  Because blogging is the number one thing associated with internet strategy success I think getting started sooner than later is more important than taking a lot of time to contemplate the platform.  Besides you can easily start on one and if you’re not happy relocate your content to another platform.
  3. Post regularly: You don have to post everyday but you should post on a regular schedule.  This way your readers know when to expect something new from you.  If you’re going to miss a post or two, then tell them ahead of time.
  4. Write about topics you know:  This can’t be overstated! Don’t cut and paste information from other blogs or articles.  Give your readers YOUR original thoughts on information you have first hand knowledge of.  As fast as your readers can turn you on they can turn you off – and they will if you’re not authenticate.
  5. Avoiding writers block: These days there’s no shortage of information so, I don’t see any real reason to have it.  A good idea is to setup a news feed in Google Reader to provide a study flow of information, and what’s hot topics on your blog subject.  You can also subscribe to professional research groups that produce reports on your subject of interest.  This is a sure way to stay ahead of others as most bloggers won’t be willing to pay a fee to get information from researchers.
  6. Help another blogger build credibility: Keep two things in mind – You can’t be the source of all the good insight on your topic, and there’s enough business to go around for everyone.  So when you read something you think is worthwhile for your audience, mention it in your blog with a link back to the original source.  You can even try to have the author write a guest post for your blog, or offer to write a guest post on theirs.
    1. Additionally when you link back to another bloggers blog they receive a notice that you have done so.  This is a good way to gain the attention of others in your blogging network.  They may begin to read your blog and offer your unique insight to their community of readers.
  7. Share insider secrets – and little known things about your topic: I’m not talking about the equivalent of Cokes secret formula here.  For example if you’re writing a blog on sales share the secrets that helped you become successful.
  8. Two are better than one: If you manage a team of people have the whole team or department blog.  A team of 5 people blogging, Tweeting, and Facebooking increases the power of your content marketing much quicker than just a single individual making post.
  9. Remember post don’t have to be long.  If they are original, and informative, then they can be short, sweet, and to the point – like this one.
  10. Keep score: By monitoring everything with Google Analytics.  Could you imagine sports team that didn’t know if they were ahead or behind and by how much.  Your blog is the same way.  You’ll try things some will work, some won’t but you’ll never know if you don’t keep score.  If you’re running WordPress then install Google analytics by Yoast on your site.  If you’re running something other than WordPress look for a similar plugin or install Google Analytics directly.
  11. Follow other bloggers: Darren Rowse who is a full-time blog consultant has put together an excellent resource called How To Blog: Blogging Tips For Beginners.  I suggest you read his blog regularly as well as Marcus Sheridan’s blog The Sales Lion.

If I can answer any questions for you put them in the comment section of this post or holla at me using the contact form .

Bonus Tip: Once you start don’t stop and don’t make it about earning money.  Write it because you enjoy it and make it your gift to the world.

Personal Branding – How To Grow Your Personal Brand Like Muhammad Ali Grew His

muhammad ali

Personal Branding Secret Weapon

Lie to yourself, because there’s someone talking to you about your personal brand every single moment of every single day – no it’s not an advertiser – it’s you.  We all speak to ourselves.  Most often we live up to what we tell ourselves – good or bad.

Who’s The Undisputed Personal Branding Heavy Weight Champ?

If you’re considering personal branding there’s something you can learn from number one personal brand in the personal branding muhammad aliworld – Muhammad Ali.

Something to make you go – hmm!: Muhammad Ali holds the Guinness World Record for the most documented person.  More than Lincoln or Jesus Christ. He’s considered one of the 20 most influential Americans of all time…according to Time Magazine.

Ali’s Personal Branding Secret

What was Muhammad’s personal branding secret? He lied to himself.  He said “I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was”.  In essence he told himself something about his brand before it was true.  The key here is that Ali lived up to the lie he told himself.

Choose to tell yourself a wonderful lie about yourself, business, or brand, and work every day to live up to it.