Why Focus Is Important For Success

why focus is important to success

Do you know the most important thing to focus on if you want to be successful at making a really great cup of coffee is?  It’s the beans.  But instead of focusing on the beans most people spend hours of time, and hundreds of dollars researching and buying brewers, and then buy cheap beans.  When all they really need to do is the relatively simple thing of buying good quality beans.

The point here is that people are easily distracted from the main thing.  That’s why your ability to focus is critical to your success.  If you’re a salesperson, or solopreneur then the most important things for growing your business is for you to focus on are revenue-generating activities.  If you’re in customer service focus completely owning and solving one customers problem before moving on to the next.  Are you a Vloger…then you’ve got to get out high quality video content consistently.

Hopefully you’re getting the point.  To be successful at whatever it is that you’re doing it’s imperative that you keep the main thing the main thing! Do all the other stuff later or outsource it.

In short know what your beans are and focus on them.


Too Afraid To

martin luther king jr

If you’d invested 1,000 in Bitcoin in 2008 you’d have over $40,000,000 today.     But in all fairness you likely did not know about Bitcoin in 2008.  Well, if you’d invested $1,000 a year ago today in Bitcoin that investment would be worth a little more than $15,000.

Nearly a year ago I personally told all of my closest friends about the success I’m having with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.  Only one leaped.  And although Bitcoin and crypto currency has been on just about every major news outlet most people still fail to leap.  Why?

Fear!  Because people have been conditioned to be afraid to leap.  To be too afraid to risk even a small portion of what little they already have in order to get something more.

That same fear is what’s prevents you from starting a business, charging what you’re worth, starting a movement, starting or leaving a relationship, speaking up, or standing up.  Fear of losing what you already have.

I shutter to imagine what America would be today if Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and countless others had given into fear and been too afraid to start, too afraid to speak up, too afraid to stand up, too afraid to sit-in, too afraid to march, too afraid to go to jail, or too afraid to die.

It’s completely up 2 you.  You can choose to have a spirit of fear, or one of power, love, and of a sound mind.  Your fear of leaping will subside with practice.  Bitcoin and crypto currency is just one way to practice leaping.  There’s a plethora of opportunities to leap, start, stand, and speak-up.

Fear is not totally useless.  Fear whispered in the ears of our ancestors ‘run’. Obeying that fear kept them from being eaten by dinosaurs.  Fear of not making the mortgage payment pushes commissioned sales people to sell.

Fear is a good barometer to determine if you’re doing work that matters.  Renaissance artist ignored the fear of starving to paint what they liked thus giving rise to the phrase ‘starving artist’, and Steve Biko actually died for the right to write what he liked.  If you’re living on the edge, making a difference there ought to be something you’re afraid of.

The trick is not to get rid of the fear but to learn when to obey it and when to ignore it.

“…And so I’m happy tonight; I’m not worried about anything; I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord”…Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Great Nation

martin luther king jr

A great nation is a compassionate nation…Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A compassionate nation is comprised of compassionate people.

Let’s keep America great.

Be compassionate!


rodney goldston

rodney goldstonI remember reading Bill Clinton’s autobiography.  There’s a section where he mentions JFK coming to visit his school and shaking his hand.  He says that moment profoundly influenced his direction into a life of public service.

As I was walking through the back streets of Falmouth, Jamaica snapping away I noticed a young man sitting in a old chair watching me.

Would you like to try?

That’s all it took, next thing I know he’s right beside me ready to go.

I only spent a few minutes with him but the whole time I had the Clinton story in the back of my mind.  You see you never know who, or when it will be your turn to influence someone to do something worthwhile, to do work that matters.  A simple hand shake from a President, or some small act of kindness from a photographer can change someone’s entire outlook.

Get out and be a ‘positive’ influence on someone today.

Too Much

In just a few days Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving.  Ironically, the holiday does little to reinforce either the position of thankfulness, nor a posture of giving. Instead it serves as the home stretch to wrap up a yearlong messaging of overconsumption – which is another way of saying do ‘too much’.

The problem with a constant indulgence with ‘too much’ is that we don’t train ourselves to turn it off. ‘Too much’ has become the American way. We work too much, we eat too much, those with little spend too much, and those with excess keep too much.

If you’re going to do ‘too much’ here are a few things worth over consuming on in the upcoming year. It’s not exhaustive list, feel free to add on.

  • Try spending too much time with family or a loved one
  • Try giving too much to someone in need
  • Try saying I love you too much
  • Spend too much time on a project that will make your block, town, state, or world a better place.