3 Things Your Marketing Strategy Must Do

There are 3 things that our marketing must accomplish. They are grow awareness, build trust, and lead to action or connection. Many people miss the first two and go straight to trying to get a prospect to take action (buy something, fill out a form, etc).

Starbucks Barista Promise is a marketing strategy designed to build trust.  Don’t worry about the $5 bucks for the coffee…if you don’t like it we’ll happily make you one that you do.

McDonalds is a master of building awareness.  My daughters first word?  French Fries!

If Soda Commercials (Marketers) Were Honest

The folks over at Cracked are on to something.  They’ve produced a very funny, but sadly true video about what a soda commercial might sound like if soda marketers told the truth about the product.

“If it’s hot out and you’re in dire need of refreshment, just grab yourself an ice cold bottle of candy.”

The video is titled If Soda Commercials Were Honest, but we can and should substitute ‘Commercials’ for the word ‘Marketers’.  Using the word commercials allows marketers to distance themselves from their work and the effects of it.  But when we say … What If Soda Marketers were honest… we make it personal.

Marketing is the work of bringing about change.  We marketers are working at our best when the stories we tell bring about positive change.

Enjoy the video

Gain Permission First

Just about every day I get a flood of junk mail in my box.  You probably do too.  I don’t know anyone who just can’t wait to get home to see what’s arrived.  That’s because we didn’t give the folks sending it permission to send it to us.  It’s an interruption.

Now we all get the same interruptions in our inboxes.  I wonder if the guy who just sent me an unsolicited email see’s what he’s doing as any different than the junk mail that arrives at his house.

Today one of the most important jobs of the marketer is to first gain permission to communicate.  Harvesting email addresses is not the same as gaining permission.  Permission is the privilege to send anticipated, relevant messages to people who actually want them.

Nobody likes being spammed!

Leaders Lead They Don’t Talk So Much

Almost anyone can diagnose a problem.  And, in todays world of blogs and social media everyone has a megaphone to rant and rift about it.

But problems don’t need attention called to them as much as they need solutions, and leaders to lead us to a better way.

In 1930 there was plenty of talk about what should be done and how to deal with the British monopoly on salt.  But a leader name Mohandas Gandhi showed the world the way to peaceful disagreement and thereby setting the stage for the Rosa Parks and Dr. King to lead the American Civil Rights Movement.

In the 1980’s there was plenty of talk about cleaning up trash talk television.  Then a little known woman by the name of Oprah Winfrey stopped talking about it and actually changed the format of successful talk TV likely and hopefully forever.

The world is full of problems but not full of leaders.   The place you work, the organization you belong to are all full of problems but not full of solutions.  Stop talking about it and be about it.  We need you to lead us to a better way.