The Power Of Human Connection

Chess game theory teaches that connected pawns present the most powerful pawn structures, and connected rooks working together have a higher point value than a queen.  Same is true in life.  The most powerful, most valuable humans are the most connected humans.

Travis Kalanick connected people with cars, to people needing rides.  Uber, the app that does the connecting is worth more than the sum total of cars it connects.

When Dr. King said he had a dream of white men and black men, Jew and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, sitting together at the table of brotherhood he was talking about the power of human connection.

Society and business value both the connector, and the connected.  Today look for ways to connect with others, and to be a connector for others.

Worth a Listen or Read

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Remembering Prince


Prince once said he’d rather us celebrate his death than the day of his birth.  If you know anything about him you can figure out why.  So in remembrance to my brother Prince here’s a verse from one of my favorite tunes by him called the Max.

I loved this song from the moment I first heard it.  I keep in my workout playlist.  I think the message he was sending was two fold.  One is that we have to have perseverance, and two that we have to be willing to work really hard…at whatever work we find ourselves doing.

The Max by Prince (partial lyrics)

When my back is so far back it’s on the other side of the wall
When half a chance is all I get if I get a chance at all
When the going gets tougher than the tough can go
I grind the axe, that’s when I go, I go, I go to the max, I go

When they tell me to walk a straight line
I put on crooked shoes
When they tell me that I can’t live forever
I pay some overdues (Kick it)
When they start makin’ up a crazy rule
That’s when I break a back
Cause when I go, I go, I go to the max, I go

What Does A Man Do?

What does a man do? It’s a question that neither men, nor woman can provide a solid answer to. It is a question worthy of the deepest of our reflections.

In fact it was the question posed by Gustavo (Gus) Fring to Walter White in the award winning series Breaking Bad.

Here’s how it went…

Gustavo: What does a man do Walter? A man provides for his family.

Walter: Silence

Gustavo: And a man, a man provides. And he does it even when he’s not appreciated, or respected, or even loved. He simply bears up and he does it. Because he’s a man.

What deep question. What a deep answer.

gustavo bring what does a man do breaking badBut as deep as it sounds, ‘what does a man do?’ is not the best question to ask. And he provides is at best only a partial answer. As evidenced by the fact the both Gus and Walter were murdering drug dealers because the believed they were being men. The better question to ask is “what is a man”.

A man is called to be a King, Warrior, Mentor, and Friend. When a male thoroughly understands what he is, then what he does more readily falls into place. It’s difficult to get to the ideals of real manhood focusing solely on changing mere behavior. Getting males to become men requires a paradigm shift in whom, or what they believe they are.

When you come to grips with whom you are ask yourself…

  • What does a king do? He provides as a Servant-King.
  • What does a warrior do? He protects as a Tender Warrior.
  • What does a mentor do? He teaches as a Wise Mentor.
  • What does a friend do? He is a Faithful Friend.

Now as Gustavo said, “Get to work!” …on being a man.

Something to make you go…hmm! Have you ever wondered why men are always seeking connection? It’s because God said it’s not good for man to be alone (Gen 2:18)…so we know that men both need to be, and are in need of true friends.

The Hebrew word for Adam and “man” are the same. Want to understand God’s perspective on manhood, do a study on the forerunner of all men…Adam.

Standing On No

rodney goldston

An old friend once taught me that if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. Standing for something means saying no to all the things you don’t stand for.

Taking a stand happens to be the best way to avoid being tossed about by every new trend, avoiding peer pressure, and to build your brand.

If you spend your time fulfilling the request of others, you’ll find yourself doing a lot of wheel spinning and not getting where you really want to be.  No is my default answer to most request for anything (both business, and personal).  I do make some exceptions. For example, when it comes to bar-b-que anything, fries with a shake, or when my friends Keith and Stephanie ask my wife and I to hangout with them…my default answer is always…”is a frogs behind water tight?”

When Porsche prices new entry level vehicles near $47,000 they’re standing firm on saying no to everyone in the market for a vehicle for less.  By doing so they can provide a better product, and service to the $47,000 plus market.

Likewise when a basic cashmere sweater at Neiman Marcus is $650 they’re saying no to everyone who wants a $99 one. Thus standing firm on their case for luxury.

Brands and people who have learned to stand on no understand that you can’t be all things to all people. In doing so you can be all that you can be to the all the people you’ve decided matter most to you.


rodney goldston barbarian

The initial promise of social media was better connection.  An unintended, and un-forseen side effect is that it’s allowed easier access to our inner barbarian.

When we allow our inner barbarian to run free online, and then discover that we can easily connect with thousands of others with that same inner barbarian we give strength to barbarians.

What happens when our inner barbarian connects in real-time, in the real world, with someone outside our designated social camp? Public volatility! Barbaric society!

We all have an inner barbarian, and we must guard against the tendency of making those who don’t think like us, or look like us the others as well as the despicable public actions that accompany such beliefs.

Make the world a better place

For you, and for me, and the entire human race…Michael Jackson