Thinking Of A Master Plan

rodney goldston

The best made plans seldom work just as you planned.  In fact the more detailed your plans the less likely things will turn out as you planned them to. Since things are not likely to workout just as you planned them it’s more important to know your plan ‘B’…and ‘C’ for that matter.  If this […]

Pisco Restaurant Review

pisco restaurant elkridge md

If you owned a restaurant and you spotted a popular food critic with a large following sitting at a table in your restaurant would you go out of your way to make certain their meal and overall experience was one worthy of the highest praise. Back in May I showed up at Pisco with roughly […]



I saw this video on my friend Tyrese Gibsons’ Facebook page.  Without the subtitles we all understand it because universally we all want to be cared for, we all want our pain to matter to others, we all need help sometimes, and when we do we hope someone will be generous towards us. I think […]

The Bantering

rodney goldston

If you quite yourself for just a moment you’ll hear it.  The internal bantering that’s going on about responsibility, risk and fear. You know you should say or do something, but it’s risky, and you’re afraid. And that’s exactly why you must. Instead of fighting the fear acknowledge it, then ignore it. You might also like: […]

All Heart

jerry maguire i'm all heart

If you’ve never seen the 1996 Tom Cruise film Jerry Macguire check it out.  Somewhere nestled between the famous quotes of ‘show me the money’ and ‘you had me at hello’ is the line ‘I’m all heart, mother #%^#’ and a great speech about playing with your heart and not your head. When you’re all […]