Misuse Of The Universal Video Symbol


Just about every marketing stat you can find these days tells you that there’s a very simple thing any marketer can do to increase traffic to their website, improve ad conversions, lower bounce rates, and increase social media shares. It’s to ad quality video into the marketing mix. But using the universal video symbol on […]

6 Emotions

Marketers can combine words, and images to spin millions of stories, and communicate billions of ideas. However, you have only 6 possible primary emotions to appeal to, or buttons to push to motivate people to action. anger sadness surprise disgust fear happiness The ‘only while supplies last’ statement is designed to tap into your fear of […]

8 Things Worth Chasing 2day

Here are eight things worth chasing down today. Wisdom Kindness Generosity Love 4-1-another Peace Weirdness (dare 2 b different) Forgiveness joyfulness Try and catch at least one. You might also like: 17 Things Worth Doing Today Worth Changing How To Get Super Rich Now! In High Demand But Short Supply

Don’t Interrupt Me

As children we learned not to interrupt people.  It’s just not polite. Likewise marketing by interrupting people isn’t polite, nor is it cost-effective anymore. It’s mind boggling that someone would think that now that they’ve interrupted me with their unwanted, unsolicited marketing message that I’d spend any amount of money with them. Don’t spam people and […]